Living on Sacred Earth

Donna Corso is an author, public speaker, DreamBuilder coach, hypnotherapist, Reiki master and interfaith minister.  She has been personal assistant to New York Times best-selling author, Neale Donald Walsch, since 2001.

As a DreamBuilder coach, certified through Life Mastery Institute, she assists us in designing and creating the life we would love to live.

Our Sacred Earth calls us to be fully alive as we create our life experiences consciously and in harmony with all other beings. And when our life journey is complete, may we discover on the horizon, a whole new beginning.


Donna Corso    



In her book, When the Wind Chimes Chime: Ending the Greatest Fear of All, she encourages us to heal and release our fear of death/dying and to embrace the continuity of life.

Donna's CD's

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In When Wind Chimes Chime, you will learn about the attempt by CPS to make Andraez a ward of the state in order to force chemotherapy on him.  His is not an isolated case!

Her Book

In her CDs, Donna brings together the fascinating inspirations of Neale's Conversations with God books accompanied by the celestial music of Stephen Pike

Author,    DreamBuilder Coach,   Hypnotherapist,    Interfaith Minister

As a certified hypnotherapist, she offers past-life regressions as a tool for discovering the root cause of current-day issues so we can understand and release the energies of the past and move forward.