When The Wind Chimes Chime,is a book about choices … end-of-life choices

It is the true story of a little boy named Andraez who is identified as “one of the ancient ones”, who lived in this world for seven years, and who left this world with his legacy of hope.  His story will open your heart as well as your eyes.  This book is also a journey of self-discovery to help readers explore their own deeply held beliefs about death and dying.  

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“This is a remarkable, powerful, emotionally-fulfilling and deeply rewarding book!”

~ Neale Donald Walsch, NY Times best-selling author

Engaging and thought-provoking, When the Wind Chimes Chime will open your eyes as well as your heart!  Your heart will open, and perhaps break, as you follow the journey of a little boy whose end-of-life choices were dictated by the laws of our western medical world.  Your eyes will open as you discover the struggles this family endured as they tried desperately to protect the dignity of their child as he faced terminal bone cancer.

This riveting work will move you to laugh, to cry, to get angry, to care, and perhaps even to take action.  What would you do if your child were faced with a serious illness?  Would you know your options?  Are you aware of your state’s laws?  This literary inspiration will serve as a wake-up call. 

And finally, the book invites the reader to explore his own thoughts and beliefs about death and to release any long-held fears.  It contains a variety of personal accounts of people who were able to approach their own final days in peace and acceptance and to move towards an understanding that life continues … forever and ever.

Donna Corso

Part One:  The Story

Part One is the true story of 7-year-old Andraez and his family and the ordeal they endured when he became terminally ill.  It was an ordeal fueled by the fear of a society (and the manipulation of a medical community) that views death as an enemy to be escaped at all costs rather than a natural part of the life cycle.  When Andraez was diagnosed with osteosarcoma that had already metastasized to other bone tissue, the family was given     no options, no choices other than amputation/chemotherapy/radiation. His family was continually threatened that if they did not go along with this extreme protocol, Andraez would be taken from them and made ward of the state and that the doctor’s orders would be followed regardless of the family’s wishes. (In Part One, the reader is advised that the second part of the book will offer the opportunity for us to allow our feelings to guide us to new understandings about death and dying.) 

Part Two:  The Invitation

In Part Two, the reader is invited to explore his/her feelings that were evoked by reading Andraez’s story.  An introduction to Part Two bridges the two parts together for continuity.  The chapters include viewpoints and true experiences of people who were able to move through and beyond their fears to embrace their own death with peace and dignity.  Death is a topic most people avoid speaking about.  Yet darkness can only be dispelled when light shines upon it.  Healing begins when hearts are opened.  The reader will be encouraged to go into his/her heart space to discover deeply-held beliefs and fears that may no longer serve them.  Each chapter in Part Two contains questions for the reader to contemplate and journal.