Living on Sacred Earth

On this CD I read excerpts from Neale’s second book, Conversations with God Book Two.  The thirteen tracks on this CD include:  the five levels of truth-telling, the space-time continuum, the Hitler experience, sexuality, religion versus spirituality, and many more intriguing topics along with Stephen’s music, to give you a deeper understanding of issues you’ve most likely pondered.


The Beginning

Forever with God: Reflections on Life and Death

This was my first CD and it includes excerpts from Neale’s book, Home with God in a Life that Never Ends.  My hope is that it might bring comfort to those who are nearing their “graduation day” from this lifetime, as well as for anyone who holds fearful ideas about the transition we call “death.”  Neale’s words bring to light the message he was given about what death will be like.  Stephen’s music is exquisite and will uplift you.

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On this CD I read excerpts from Neale’s first book, Conversations with God Book One.  A variety of topics are covered in the fifteen tracks, including:  levels of creation, purpose of life, no victims or villains, hell, the devil, the Ten Commitments, and more.  Stephen’s music winds its way through the words creating a magical journey of enlightenment.

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Forever With God

 Neale Donald Walsch, Donna Corso, Stephen Pike

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A message from Donna …

Since 2001 I’ve had the privilege of being personal assistant to Neale Donald Walsch whose Conversations with God books have touched the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world.  Several years ago I felt inspired to create these CDs in which I read excerpts from three of his books.  My voice is accompanied by the beautiful, celestial music of my dear friend, Stephen Pike.

I hope the CDs bring you comfort and inspiration.  I know you will fall in love with the music of Stephen Pike, so I invite you to visit his website and sample his many musical creations.  You may even decide to have your very own Stephen Pike collection, just as I do!

For information on all of Neale’s books and programs, please explore his website.