Living on Sacred Earth

I read your [manuscript] from cover to cover. i am flabbergasted. this is a remarkable, powerful, emotionally fulfilling, deeply rewarding book. i almost don't know what to say about it. i was sitting here in tears reading it.  geez.

- Neale Donald Walsch (Oregon)


Wanted to let you know that I read and really loved your book.  What a loving and beautiful gift to the world.

All of it is well written, but I particularly enjoyed and was moved by the way you began and ended the book.  Very poignant.  And what a powerful way to trigger remembering in people.  I’m struck by how similar our missions are in that regard.  Bravo, Donna!

- Rob Schwartz, Author


“I just wanted to tell you how much I used your “Forever with God” CD.  I played it for my mother every day in her last weeks, and, before her last stroke took away all expression, I could see her visibly soften and relax.  I also got comments from all of the healthcare workers who heard it, including hospice, stating that it was a beautiful way of preparing and transitioning … what a blessing it turned out to be!  Thank you so very much!”
-Therese W. (Wisconsin)


“As you know I purchased your CD about a month ago and yesterday was the first opportunity I had to take it to my mother, who you will recall is in hospice. She LOVED it! She said she felt such peace and an understanding of the process and felt that she would want to listen to it even more as time grew closer. Her eyesight failed about a year ago and having the CD to listen to made a big difference … thank you so much for doing this and allowing Spirit to guide you each and every day!
“This is a gift and can be to so many people … GET IT OUT THERE!  … don’t you dare keep this from the people that need to hear those words … they are so lost and fearful … this is important work you’ve done!"
- Karen Coffey


This is a very special book which moved me to the core. The first part in particular which describes the love of this family for their little boy who had cancer is heart-warming. Their need to protect him from being submitted to unnecessary and unhelpful medical procedures is chilling. As a social worker who mostly practiced in Europe for over 17 years I was shocked at how the family were threatened that all three of their children would be removed if they did not agree to medical procedures. These procedures had zero success rate and would have resulted in their son having limbs amputated as well as experiencing great pain. It is frightening that an agency that is supposed to protect children was threatening to cause harm to the child and to his siblings. Many people may also enjoy the second part of the book. I didn't find it very engaging but I loved the first part and for this alone it is worth buying the book.
- Margaret Gray


Sitting on the back porch yesterday I felt like Donna Corso and I were having an intimate conversation as I read her new book, "When the Wind Chimes Chime." With her gracious style of writing Donna guided me through the ordeal that the Lee family experienced when their young son was terminally ill. Their story definitely causes me to contemplate how our society perceives death and the consequences of this perspective.
      In Part Two Donna Corso provides thought provoking questions that help me examine my feelings about death and dying as well as living and loving. I enjoyed learning about her journey through life and appreciated the real life stories of people who have transitioned through death with acceptance and peace. I will share this valuable book with everyone.
      Thank you, Donna, for shining the light on this often taboo topic. I couldn't put the book down; it was a riveting read. I know that I'll reread it again and again to access all of the useful information that you have included.
- Diana Crow

I really felt real pain and sorrow for the child and his family in the first part of the book, now as for the metaphysical issue, I simply cannot readily accept the premise in this book, after my father's death. I have read dozens of books dealing with this subject, before my father's death, I really subscribed to this idea the author espouses, but after viscerally experiencing death, I can no longer be so sure of the proposition: "there is no death". I would recommend this book for people who have not been exposed to the theory expounded in this book, I think we all should question our concept of death, and this book could be a good introduction to the idea that Life is Eternal. I do believe that Life is Eternal, but by this, I mean "Universal Life", I can't be sure our individual consciousness survives death. As to the idea of "Soul Contract", I cannot say anything about this.

- Staroffspring


I read the book in one go. Am re-reading it slower to make sure I can experience it all and read even more between the lines. A wonderful book combining a lot in a very readable book about a beautiful part of life.  I skipped the questions in between, but it does not make the book less. It actually allows it to cater to everyone's needs. Not all of us are always ready to face oneself. Although the book does make you do it anyway. Thanks for a wonderful book, in which dying is explained beautifully and clearly, just as it is.

- Tanja Oldenziel


Donna's excellent portrayal of a family's encounter with the "medical community" and what they had to endure to secure a peaceful life for their son, Andraez, who had terminal cancer at age 7, is heart opening.
Her personal stories of friends who have died portray how loving and meaningful the process of dying can be. When we open our hearts and share love with others, what is there to fear? A book that could change one's mind about what death really is.

- Marion Read (Colorado)


What a wonderful story! Donna takes you on a journey to shift the way we look at death and opens your mind to a whole new way of looking at things. Once you release any fears of death and take a higher perspective with a greater understanding, it changes the way you look at the world completely. I highly recommend this book! We should all be taught these things from the beginning. Thank you Donna for bringing this important book into reality!

- Karen Volo (Sweden)


A beautifully written and moving account of what a family went through when their son was dying. Despite the heavy subject, it is written in such a way that one is uplifted and inspired by the human spirit.

- Learning4Life


Although sad, very informative about health care system, and how to survive a family tragedy. Life lesson is to never give up.

- Judy



Food for thought about life and death. I love wind chimes which is why I picked up the book. Very good and I am glad I read it.

- Gisele Laviolette


This book was not what I expected. The moving story of Andraez was heart wrenching but educational in so many ways. The second part of the book was equally important as so many fear death. Excellent questions to ponder to examine your beliefs. I have many people I want to share with. In addition to the subject of death there is important information on health issues such as the rights of parents when it comes to their children's health care when dying. I was moved, educated, enlightened and uplifted!

- ReawakenYourBrilliance

This comment is being written on behalf of the grandmother of Andraez:
This is a "MUST READ" book. It is well written not only because it is about one of my precious grandsons, but as you can imagine it was a very hard book for me to read. I had to put it down on several occasions due to blurred vision through my tears. Through my heart I could hear my grandson saying "keep going grandma!".

I am so thankful that I DID continue to the end of the book because I finally found peace in my heart at the loss of our precious gift from God. In reading this book I am no longer afraid of dying because I know that Andraez will be there to greet me with his loving smile on his face just as he was there to greet his grandfather Sonny. I think of you every day, Andraez, and wish you God's peace.

PS: I want to thank Gordy, Joann, Josh, & Zack for sharing their shock at the diagnosis, their struggle with bureaucracy, the indescribable pain and sense of loss and yet their inner strength to be able to tell their story to give guidance and support for others in similar situations.

With love to all, Grandma Polly KISS KISS!


I was deeply moved by this story of a courageous boy and his family. Sometimes life offers events that leave us dumbfounded and reaching out to others for love and support. This family had to experience the exact opposite when searching for solutions to care for their son. Instead of being embraced by our medical community, they were held to nonsensical laws that defy common sense and compassion. It is real life stories such as this that very clearly teach us where we need to seek out change in the human species. Life is not written on paper and does not exist in our rational thought. Experiences such as these transcend the mind and conquer the heart - the place where true heroes are born.

- Love It!

No. I didn't see it coming. I didn't expect the gamut of emotions to bubble up from within me. I didn't expect to be so totally drawn into this book with so many twists and turns. Donna recounts a story of a young boy's journey with his illness without editorializing or coloring. Her brilliance is in elegantly letting the reader fill in the blanks ... like any great story-teller. Yet, instinctively I could tell her own compassion for the plight of this family was absolutely huge.

So. Welcome to Donna's world of deep loving and caring. This is a thoughtfully told story of a family's profoundly compelling resolve to do what felt right and not what a medical-system-gone-crazy would have them do.

- Michael (Bali,Indonesia)

This book made me cry then laugh and cry again. What an amazing story of this family and what they had to deal with for the love of their child. Donna I can just see this as a Lifetime or Hallmark movie. It was an honor to read and share with others. This is a really great and easy read for anyone. Loved it!!!

- Devra Jacobs (Arizona)

I am still filled and overflowing with heart, inspiration and wisdom after reading "When the Wind Chimes Chime". Donna has written a tender and yet powerful book about death and living. I like how she invited us, the reader to examine our own experiences of death. I was so compelled to keep on reading the book until I was done all in one evening. My experiences while reading this story will continue to always uplift me. For me one message was that death is the portal between the dimensions of our human and spiritual evolution. All that surrounds the death process is an opportunity to experience the richness of life. I encourage one and all to read this heartfelt book.

- Suzanna Solomon (Oregon…now deceased)



This book took me totally by surprise. The surprise was I didn’t expect to love it so much
Donna Corso has crafted a story about how we love each other. How, in spite of the phenomenal adversity in this family’s life, they loved each other.

Sure. It might have been easy to take shots at the medical or pharmaceutical industries. It’s easy to do. Donna resisted that temptation and instead brought us in close to a tender pace – a helplessly human place and made this book about love. And in his way, Donna’s writing is infused with a tenderness that is at once fiercely strong and endlessly compassionate.

I reread the first few lines of the book and was hooked … all over again. Tears welled in my eyes. Because this book reminds me of how much in love I am with the way we love each other. Institutions, governments, and politics are dwarfed by the enormity of the human spirit when we stand undaunted, fearless, and united in love.

- Michael Mish (Composer/writer)


When the Wind Chimes Chime is a very powerful book. I blasted through the pages of this poignant story (the first part of the book) which plays the vehicle for opening one’s heart to the point of raw vulnerability. This opening begs the reader to continue on with the second part of the book so that we are really able to hear and absorb that fear need not be inextricably connected to the experience of death. This in one of those books that stay with you long after the last sentence has been read. I will recommend this book to many.

- Nannette Rogers-Kennedy (Humanity’s Team, Colorado)